A Letter to the President

December 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Most of you will be well aware of Steve Bassett’s Million Fax on Washington initiative.  I sent my letter out quite a while ago.  And yes, I must admit in being somewhat of a pessimist where the idea of Disclosure is concerned, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. Many question the point of it all, and Steve’s work in general, to which I would reply, “and what, precisely, are you doing to help out?!”

Jim Quirk’s new ‘the quirk zone blog‘ has a letter that outlines his thoughts on disclosure in A Letter to the President. To read his letter please see this link…


And while we’re on the subject of Steve Bassett and disclosure, it has come to my attention that PRG is, as always, in need of your help and financial backing.  Please dig deep and help my friend Steve out if you can…




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