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PRG To President Obama: Disclose by June 2009 or Face the Media

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by Stephane Wuttunee
(Reproduced by kind permission)

Historically speaking, change has never required large numbers of people to bring it forth. Roughly twelve percent of the populace is all one needs to reach. In fact, if the cards are played right, even more can be achieved with less.

Enter the Paradigm Research Group.

With its strong web presence and many connections within the mainstream media, Executive Director and political activist Stephen Bassett knows that he and PRG’s extensive network have all the tools needed to encourage and help hasten the Disclosure process. During the Fifth Annual X-Conference press conference that took place at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on April 20th 2009, this self-assurance was demonstrated perfectly when Bassett made a strong public statement to the Obama administration: either disclose the reality of the Extraterrestrial presence by June this year, or prepare to face an onslaught of media based inquiry and scrutiny.

Desperate times require concentrated efforts.

The plan is simple: failing President Obama’s open and direct admission to the American public (and the world) that Extraterrestrials exist and are currently engaging Earth and its citizens, PRG and its network will provide the media with all the documentation and information they require in order to further ramp up the pressure. Considering the growing mass of public support and demand for government openness and transparency in this area – along with the fact that several of Obama’s aides are reported to have been previously briefed on the topic (look up the Clintons and the Rockefeller Initiative, for starters), such acts possess greater power than detractors might think. In the last few months alone, for example, Bassett has already given dozens of interviews, with more media appearances predicted to take place in coming weeks. Even the once ubiquitous news anchor smirks and predictable X-Files type background music loops both seem less common. One way or another, the press is taking ET news developments and whistleblower testimonies with far less salt than they have in the past, and that is a good thing.

PRG’s pending strategy is Phase III of the Million Fax on Washington, an organized effort to petition the new administration to act on Disclosure. Bassett emphasizes that this next initiative seeks to motivate and encourage rather than intimidate. “We don’t want another nation to lead the world on this issue – we want the U.S. to play that role”, he states emphatically. “The administration already has all the right players and elements in place, and all indications point towards the Disclosure process inevitably taking place soon, but “soon” simply isn’t good enough – not with the worsening global situation. Disclosure is long overdue. We must do what is necessary to catalyze the powers that be into action.”

With Brazil, England, Denmark, Mexico, and other nations having released UFO files to the public, Bassett says that the U.S. is lagging behind and has to not only catch up to remain in the game, but take the lead if it wants to retain its influence and standing. He is also of the opinion that failing America’s willingness to step up to the plate soon, a better than 50/50 chance exists that another western nation (such as France) will take proactive action by disclosing first. This would make the disclosing nation the new top dog, with the U.S. following meekly behind. This would be damaging internationally to the standing of the United States, according to him.

Will a concentrated and diligent effort such as this help sway the odds? Bassett certainly believes so. Disclosure may be far from President Obama’s mind these days, but the seemingly endless series of crises thrust upon him and his administration may also stem from a far greater and problematic issue, mainly the holding back of information concerning whether or not other sentient and highly advanced life forms are present and engaging us as a species.

Are the people prepared for official disclosure? The likeliest answer is that they were ready from day one.

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