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Steven Greer on Joiner Report

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According to one source, supporters of Steven Greer, M.D.’s world are as diverse as Apollo astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon in Apollo 14, to benefactor and philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller, to former British Ministry of Defense Head and five star admiral, Lord Hill-Norton, to folk legend, Burl Ives.

Greer gave up a lucrative medial practice and private life to pursue testimonies concerning the American and other government’s UFO contacts and the technology known by the government and hidden from the people of the world.

In 1990, Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). In 1993, he founded the Disclosure Project to end UFO secrecy, claiming evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth and a wide range cover up conspiracy by the United States government. Greer is also the founder of the Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO) and The Orion Project to develop more advanced energy solutions.

Greer believes the ultimate national security is linked to the pressing environmental crisis facing the world today. “This issue is the question of whether humanity can continue as a technologically advanced civilization.” He said that advanced technology has been classified and suppressed due to national security, military interests and “special” interests.

Dr. Greer recently returned from the Extraterrestrial Summit, Barcelona, Spain, the first international summit on Exopolitics – the disclosure of facts and events attesting governmental knowledge and non-disclosure of the facts presented.

Angelia Joiner, “The Joiner Report,” and Dr. Steven Greer will discuss these and other topics including his association with Stan Romanek who was featured on Tuesday night’s ABC Primetime “The Outsiders.” Airing on Friday, Aug. 21, 9-10 p.m. (CST), prerecorded Aug 15. http://ufoparanormalradio.homestead.com.

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  1. RWBonner
    August 30th, 2009 at 12:12 | #1

    I have the utmost respect for Dr. Greer. It is highly unfortunate that many are not taking him seriously despite the mounting evidence and testimony from more than reliable witnesses.
    I also brand mainstream media as cowards and charlatans for not reporting Dr. Greer’s findings in a serious and thorough manner. They intentionally pick the mundane and rediculous stories out of the more evident and credible ones when it comes to UFOs. Walter Cronkite must be rolling over in his grave!

  2. dmobile215
    October 28th, 2009 at 01:39 | #2

    Dr Greer is the man, I am as well a big fan of Dr Steven Greer, In my area we are located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, most people refer to people from Philly as a tough area but you have to remember Obama is a front man he is being controlled by the powers that be so I do not believe he will go against his front men. For Example D. Rockefellerm, Brzezinski these are the reasons why when I vote. Which I doubted I am anymore because I see the election is rigged. Ron Paul is our next President people its time to make sure we pay attention and end these crazy wars. President Obama is to busy causing diversions in front of people and wagging the tails of the big dogs. Yes I thought he would make a change but forcing issues on America that we are not ready for is not the answer.

    UFO subject I wrote to Washington DC as well as notified my local Governor and no kidding have I gotten once letter or email back hell no. But I have had the law at my door no kidding at lease once and I live in a rural area so I am going to say this much be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. I still am not scared because its time that we stand up for what we believe in I am not worried about all of the other issues because my life is already set how it will end. But we need disclosure for once in a decade of untruthfulness that is been going on we have seen all the retired people that have worked for governments and retired NASA Mr. Mitchell verify that this stuff is real we can start by calling them other life forms. Its real also Area 51 is covering up a lot of information.

    So anyone who wants Disclosure I suggest you put some pressure on these cowards for not wanting the truth to be told. Come and join me at http://etaliennews.blogspot.com

    Lets put the pressure on Washington DC for this matter. If anyone wants my vote lets start being a little more honest. About Roswell and other issues, I have witnessed bright lights sitting still at night and all of the sudden it shoots off like a bullet and I know airplanes do not move like this its got to be something else so there you have it.

    Philadelphia PA

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